Match Report

Orchard Farm
4th February 2018
AWAC Trophy / Points Match

Yesterday’s match result at Orchard Farm silver fish lake.

Not a lot to say about yesterday’s match. 19 anglers braved the bitterly cold north easterly wind to fish for the A.W.A.C trophy and champion angler points.

Welcome to new anglers Paul James who came 3rd in his first ever match and Pat Brunger who bravely stuck it out to the end despite not having a bite …things can only get better Pat.

The match was won by Terry Williamson who caught 13lb 2oz of small roach and perch and an F1 on a single Fluro pinky over a bed of Sensas Lake black ground bait and mole hill soil and joker.

2nd was Liam brown with 2lb 7oz also small roach and perch and 3rd was Paul James again small roach and perch and a small F1.

A full league table and list of trophy winners is available below.

Terry Williamson
TWAPS Match Secretary
5th February 2018

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