Match Report

Lucks Lane
22nd October 2017
Belveder Cup/Points Match

Yesterday’s match result.

The biggest turn out of the year 20 anglers fished for the Belvedere cup and league points at a very windy and cold Monk Lake 2.

Winning the match was Rupert Garrett who drew permanent peg 45 the known flier peg and he made no mistake comfortably winning with 116lb 9oz all caught on the feeder, in fact most fish were caught on feeder due to the often gale force wind that made float presentation almost impossible.

In 2nd place fishing his first match of the season was Dave Shirley off of permanent peg 49 with a weight of 77lb 10oz and in 3rd place was Charlie Rayner who’s golden drawing arm that has been missing lately returned and he drew an end peg 68 and despite having to go for a walk to try and warm up still managed to weigh in 69lb 7oz.

The next match is again at Monk lakes this time on lake number 1 on November 12 th . Monk 1 has some seriously large fish in it now days so hopefully some of them will be putting in a show .if you want to fish please let me know by 9pm on Thursday 9th November.

Terry Williamson
TWAPS Match Secretary
23rd October 2017

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