Coaching for Juniors – 2019

Supported TWAPS, a coaching event was organised for juniors to try fishing for free on 29th May 2019.

“It was a really good Angling Coaching event held at Shorne Country Park, Gravesend.

This was an event run by TWAPS, who manage the two lakes at the Country park. This was a day for Juniors to have a go at fishing at a local fishing club. Recently I have been contacted by no end of parents all wanting me to give their children a lesson in fishing and all desperate to get there children out doors trying a healthy sport. I always try to advise parents to attend these club open days as it is free to get good angling tuition.

Today was a massive turnout of families all wanting to have a fish, there was only two coaches at the event but because of the demand, we worked through without a break in order for all the young people to have a go at fishing.

Shorne Country Park is a great place to run a Junior day, as it is stuffed with fish, including Tench, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd and Perch.

No need for rods and reels as all this means for young juniors is tangles, a whip is all you need and if you do the basics right – feed little and often, you can really bag up, all the students that attended caught a fish, which was good going.

It was nice to see some of my older students there today who helped out because of the big turnout, I can remember when Sam and Dylan were the age of some of the new youngsters at the event today, and still love there fishing.

Well done to the TWAPS for putting this event on today, I always say that given the opportunity young people love to go fishing and looking at the large attendance today, I think this proves a point.

Also angling clubs need to get more Junior members to join, or who will take over when the older anglers have gone?”

Charlie Rayner and Warren White
Angling Coaches and TWAPS Members


“Good banter between the boys and girls as to who caught the most and biggest fish!!!

Just some of the happy Juniors at the free fishing day at Shorne Woods Lakes.”

Dennis Hammond
Chairman, TWAPS