Inn On The Lake Stocking 2017

Inn On The Lake Stocking on 2nd December 2017

Main lake and middle lake.

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Main lake: 6 mirror carp

Middle lake: 1 common and 3 mirror carp

Blood lines:
Leney/Glacian, Dinkesbuehi, Sutton, North Harros, Waltonian and Clonemere Black Mirror. With such great breeding and crossing we have the best carp bred by the top fishery ‘VS Fisheries’.

Viv and Simon are breeding the best you can get. First class breeding and crossing on the fish farm are know as the ‘Sovereign Fish’. These fish have hit 40lb in only 10 years.

Thanks to Viv and Simon and the teatm at VS Fisheries.

Garry Bushell will be feeding at the Inn On The Lake main and middle links until early spring (2018) so that the fish are kept in good condition.

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