Cobham Lakes

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Bottom Lake Update – August 2019

The Committee have been able to finally satisfy the majority of the issues which have delayed the de-silting the Cobham Bottom Pond.

It can now arrange for the necessary equipment to be delivered in order to begin the work required.

Once started there will be restrictions of access to certain areas of the site.

Please do not ignore any notices that may be placed around the site.

Subject to the availability of the equipment required, it is expected to start the work in the next few weeks.

Top Lake Swims

Please refrain from using bank sticks on concrete swims as they puncture the membrane.
Thank you.

Bottom Lake closed until further notice

Members please note that bottom lake at Cobham is currently closed until further notice due to maintenance and restocking.

Access track across he field to Cobham Lakes

MEMBERS please note that the access track across the field to Cobham lakes is currently open. Please drive with care whilst using this track.

Thank you.

Litter at Cobham

Since the Committee’s recent announcement regarding the litter problem at Cobham and the threatened temporary closure, the Committee is pleased to announce that, as the situation has improved considerably, this fishery will remain open as usual.

The litter situation will be monitored closely and if the situation deteriorates again, the Committee reserves the right to temporarily close this fishery.

Thank you for your support.

The Committee

General Information

Repton Ponds is comprised of three ponds, known as Top, Middle and Bottom. The Top and Bottom ponds have depths ranging from 0.3m (1ft) to 2.7m (9ft). Both have various features such as reed beds, lily pads and semi-sunken logs.

The Top pond contains crucian carp to 4lb, common carp to 16lb+, tench to 7lb as well as a good head of quality perch, roach, rudd, bream, chub and ide.

The Bottom pond contains common carp to 10lbs+, tench to 8lb, crucian carp, perch, roach, rudd, chub, bream and ide.

The Middle pond was the subject of a de-silt operation during 2012 and its fish stocks were transferred to the other two ponds. Considerable bank reinforcement was undertaken, and several new swims were built along with the path around the pond being completely overhauled. A central island feature was also introduced and has been planted with appropriate grasses, sedges and shrubs as well as the pond perimeter.

This Middle pond, with a depth ranging from 1m (39ins) up to 1.7m (5ft) was stocked with “silvers” only (i.e. no carp) – roach (from the Top pond) along with tench, bream, perch, chub and barbel – in late February 2013. The chub and barbel were supplied by a fish farm with a view to them ‘growing on’. A further stocking of bream, tench, barbel, crucian carp, chub and ide took place in early February 2016.

The crucian carp were supplied free of charge by the Environment Agency as part of the ARK (as in Noah’s Ark) project, which TWAPS was happy to support. The idea is to protect the pure crucian species by introducing them to a water without carp. In years to come the Environment Agency will remove some of the larger females to strip them of eggs at their Calverton fish farm. The females will be put back once this has been done.

The introduced fish range from 2” to 1lb and therefore it makes sense to only use a light line of perhaps 2lb strength.

Recent catch reports have indicated that fish have been growing steadily and have been “packing on weight”.


Nearest postcode: DA12 3HD

Night fishing is allowed on all three lakes – single night duration only – CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

As this is a strictly members only water, prospective members may only view the water by pre-arrangement, if accompanied by a Bailiff or Committee Member. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult Society member at all times.


The Lakes at Cobham Hall were originally created by Sir Humphrey Repton over two hundred years ago for Lord Darnley. The club was offered the opportunity to reclaim the large silted up ponds during 1992, and following site visits and meetings with the estate management, work commenced mid 1992.

Work by a small but very dedicated team took over 18 months to remove the massive amount of large fallen and growing trees that were embedded in the silt, before removal of the silt started which then revealed a clay bottom to all three ponds. All the removed soil and timber was used within the surrounding land for landscaping.

The club purchased its own tractor and bowser to do the work and the initial work was finished during 1994. The ponds filled with water very quickly and were planted with aquatic vegetation and were left to rest. However during this time calls from the Environment Agency asking if the ponds were ready to accept fish stocks, which were being rescued from other fisheries due to the hot weather. This resulted in thousands of mixed species being delivered. It was impossible to count this stocking due to the urgency of the situation, but Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench, and as was found later, two Bream, have been caught over the years since.

No further stocking has taken place as breeding is prolific to such an extent that during late 2007 the Environment Agency were called in to remove thousands of small fish as their survey showed that the fishery was severely overstocked.

At Cobham we have a bench to mark those members of the Society who are sadly no longer with us.

The bench currently contains some small plaques in memory of the following members:

E. Mitchell 1945 – 2008
David F. Deed 1955 – 2009
Colin John Beeching 1958 – 2011
Fran Doyle 1948 – 2019

May they rest in peace.

In September 2018 some work was carried out to improve some of the swims on the Middle.

Cobham Lakes Fish Survey, February 2015 ~ Middle Lake

Cobham Lakes Fish Survey, March 2015 ~ Top & Bottom

Top Lake

Middle Lake

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Bottom Lake

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During August 2019 some swims on the Top Lake have been repaired.

Please refrain from using bank sticks on concrete swims as they puncture the membrane.
Thank you.