Rules & Byelaws

Rules & Bye-laws

Upon joining every member of the Society agrees to the Society’s rules and bye-laws, which is periodically updated from time to time, usually updated upon membership renewal.

For your convenience you can download a copy of the rules and bye-laws below.

If you are a member and fishing one of the Society waters, remember that you must either have a printed copy of the rules and bye-laws, or have them accessible from, or downloaded on, a hand held device (eg. a smart phone) that you have with you at all times.

You must also have your membership card, ID card and rod licence(s), with you at all times.

If you have any queries, or need clarification, please ask a Bailiff, or Committee member, or use the Contact form.

The rules and bye-laws were last updated on 1st November 2019.

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Disciplinary Procedure

If a Society Bailiff finds any club member infringing Society rules or bye-laws, the following will apply:

  • If the offence(s) are not considered serious or intentional enough for a written warning, the Bailiff may issue a verbal warning. If a member infringes a rule or bye-law after receiving a verbal warning, a written warning may be issued and retained on record for two years. The warning will be taken into consideration if any further action or warning is issued to the member within that time.
  • If a rule or bye-law infringement is considered severe enough to warrant more than a verbal warning, a written warning may be issued. If a member receives two written warnings in any two year period, they will be suspended from the Society.
  • If the rule or bye-law infringement is severe enough to receive more than a written warning to be issued, the Bailiff shall remove the offending member’s club card and instruct the member to pack away and leave the Society water. If the member refuses to do so or breaks any further rules or bye-laws (e.g. is abusive or threatening) any action will be reported and the club shall increase any penalty accordingly.
  • When the committee has been informed of any offence, a date will be fixed for a disciplinary hearing. The Bailiff, additional witnesses and member shall be required to provide statements of the offence(s) stating dates, times and offences(s). If the member is deemed to have committed the offence(s), a suspension or expulsion will apply.

For all offence(s), the Bailiff shall be required (at the time of the offences(s)) to make notes of all details of the offence(s) and inform the offending member of what rule or bye-law was broken.

A suspended member may not be present on any Society water during that suspension period and may not attend any AGM during that period. Any further offence(s) in that period may lead to expulsion from the Society.

An expelled member is subject to the same restrictions as a suspended member. At the end of the expulsion or suspension period, the former member may apply in writing to rejoin the Society. It is at the discretion of the committee if the application is accepted.

South East Fisheries Bye-Laws

Environment Agency Rod Fishing Byelaws – South East Region.

Please see PDF link below.

PDF iconSouth East Bye-Laws (PDF)







Various useful PDFs can be downloaded below…

PDF iconCode-Of-Conduct-For-Coarse-Anglers (PDF)

PDF iconNFA-Safety-Policy (PDF)







Download PDF rules and bye-laws

The latest version of the TWAPS’ rules and bye-laws is available for download via the link on this page.