How do I become a member?

Details on applying for membership can be found on our Membership Application page.

How much does it cost to become a member?
Our membership and joining fees are shown on our Membership Application page.
Is there a waiting list?
The Society’s membership is regularly at full quota. When this happens, a waiting list may come into being. Note that the period for accepting new applications may be restricted. See our Membership Application page for more information.
When do I need to pay my subscription?
Membership runs from April to March every year. Your subscription is due at the end of March every year. If your subscription lapses you will have to rejoin the Society.
When I can I join the Society?
You can join the Society during the period when the Society is accepting new membership applications. There may or not be a waiting list. Regardless of when you join your membership expires at the end of the following March unless you renew your subscription before then. See our Membership Renewal page to find out how to renew your subscription.
What do I get upon becoming a member?
Your membership subscription, together with your joining fee if you are a new member, entitles you to fish all Society waters (subject to certain rules and bye-laws), an ID card, a membership card and an updated rule book.
How do I renew my membership?
Visit the Membership Renewal page for instructions on renewing your membership.
General Questions
What documents do I need when fishing at one of your waters?

You need to have with you your ID card, membership card, rule book and rod licence. If you cannot produce these documents when asked to do so by a Society Bailiff, you will be asked to leave the fishery.

How many rods can I use?

The number of rods you can use depends on the Society water you intend to fish and the type of member you are (eg. Junior). The rule book, and the website states the number of rods you can use at each Society water. You will also need the correct number of valid Environment Agency rod licenses to fish on Society waters.

Are there any restrictions on the baits I can use?

Yes. Again, water notice boards, the rule book and the website all state any bait restrictions currently in force on all Society waters.

Can I use bait boats?

Bait boats cannot be used, except on Blue Lake

Can I use a keepnet?

You can use a keepnet at the River Medway and at Paddock Wood lakes. Keepnets may also be used at other Society waters if approved by the Committee, or during a match.

Am I required to attend work parties?

No, but your help at working parties would be greatly appreciated!

How do I join a work party?

The website and Society water notice boards contains details of upcoming working parties. Also, members with access to email receive notifications of working parties. Before attending any working party, it would be very helpful if you can let the organiser know in advance that you wish to attend a working party. Details on how to do this are given with the working party notifications.

Is night fishing allowed?

Yes, on some of the Society waters, with restrictions. The rule book, and the website, states any night fishing restrictions currently in force.

Do you issue day tickets?

Yes, more information about day tickets can be found here.

Is there a close season?

Yes, there is a statutory close season on the River Medway, from 15th March to 15th June inclusive.

Can members take guests onto your waters?

With the exception of Shorne Country Park, members cannot take guests onto any Society water, unless prior approval is granted by the Committee. This includes non-fishing family members and friends. There may be non-fishing permits available, see the Membership Application page for details. Information regarding taking fishing guests can be found in the TWAPS Membership section.

Why is the Society predominantly seen as being a carp/match Society and why does it not cater for the general pleasure coarse angler?

The Society’s membership is made up of a variety of coarse anglers, including carp specialists and match anglers. (The Society has an active friendly match fraternity which is open to all members.) The majority of members are pleasure anglers and enjoy a wide variety of coarse fishing at the Society’s fisheries.

I have been intimidated by other members wanting to use my swim, what should I do?

Contact one of the Bailiffs, the numbers are on the front of your membership card, or use the website.

Does the Society run matches?
The Society has a very active match fraternity, which are fun and good natured. Contact the Match Secretary for more details. The number is on your membership card or use the website.
Can any member enter a match?
Yes, just contact the Match Secretary by the Thursday immediately before the match concerned.
How do I recognise an official TWAPS Bailiff?

Every official TWAPS Bailiff carries and displays an identity badge. Pictures of the current Bailiffs are on the website.

Why do I not see a Bailiff when fishing?

All Bailiffs are volunteers and have a limited amount of time to patrol Society Waters. Every effort is made to visit the waters as frequently as possible.

I am interested in becoming a Bailiff, how do I do this?

Contact the Head Bailiff (the first number on the front of your membership card, or use the website). There is a job description in the Bailiffs page.

Why does the website not have a members’ forum/chat room/feedback page?

The Society has a very active Facebook Group which is limited to all current members. This group serves the purpose of a forum/chat page. All TWAPS members who use Facebook can request to join the group.

Why have the pictures I submitted for inclusion in the gallery not been published?

The Society receives a lot of pictures for inclusion in the gallery and we simply cannot publish all of them. The pictures must be of good quality and suitable composition.

What sort of pictures can I submit?

Anything on Society waters or matches. eg:-Photos of fish caught, other anglers fishing (with their permission), wildlife, scenic pictures, amusing pictures etc.

Why is the fishery post code given on the website not accurate?

The postcode is approximate due to the remoteness of the fishery. You are advised to refer to your rule book for accurate maps and directions to Society fisheries.

Blue Lake
Can any member fish Blue Lake?
Yes ALL members are entitled to fish Blue Lake.
Is Blue Lake a syndicate water?
No it is a Society water and is available to every member of the Society.
Do you need a key to access Blue Lake?
There is a combination lock on barrier and the gate main gate. The number is the same as the number on the Inn on The Lake and is printed on your membership card. You need to obtain a key to access the inner gates which are obtainable from Phil Townsend. Details are on the website or in your rule book.
Can anything be done about the fluctuating water levels at Blue Lake.
No. Unfortunately, the fluctuating water levels are beyond the Society’s control.
How many swims are there at Blue Lake?
There are approx 4 – 12 swims depending on the current water levels.
Can toilets be provided at Cobham?
No, due to the cost of installation, cleaning, emptying and maintenance.
Why are there no carp in the Middle Lake at Cobham?
Following a member survey it was agreed to have this lake as a silver fish only water.
Can anything be done about the access road at Cobham?
The state of the access road is constantly monitored and repaired subject to the funding and labour availability.
Inn On The Lake

Can anything be done about the weed at the Inn on the Lake?

The amount of weed at the Inn On The Lake fishery is an ongoing problem that is continually monitored. Keep an eye on the website and newsletters for more information.

Why are there only carp at the Inn on the Lake?

There are other species, it’s just that most of our members only fish for the large carp there and these catches are the only ones reported back to us.

Is there any maintenance planned at the Inn on the Lake?

On going work regarding the swims, trees, vegetation and paths is due to take place during the year.

Why is there so much litter at the Inn on the Lake?

Any litter at the Inn on the Lake fishery is left behind by other members. Please take it home.

Paddock Wood
Why is there only one lake left to fish at Paddock Wood?

As a working Quarry the owners J. Clubb decided to drain and fill in the main lake and disallow access to the smaller pond behind the main lake. This was beyond our control, but they did inform us they would be excavating a new lake in the future just behind Canal Lake.

Why can’t I have an access key to Paddock Wood or use a combination lock?

This is a working quarry controlled and run by J. Clubb Ltd. They will only let the Society have a limited number of keys. This is non-negotiable and is the reason why keys are distributed to nominated key holders.

How do I obtain a key?

See the members’ rule book or go to the Paddock Wood fishery page for more details and how to loan a key.

Why is there so little information about the Paddock Wood fishery?

We have not been supplied with such information and therefore it is down to members who fish these waters to provide us with catch updates. It is hoped that at a later date we will be able to use the services of Hadlow College to obtain further stock answers.

Where do I park at Paddock Wood?

There is one designated parking area at the Paddock Wood fishery, just as you pass through the inner gate on the right. Do NOT park anywhere else! From the car park to the River Medway it is a 300m walk.

Shorne Country Park
What’s happened to the fishing at Shorne Country Park?
Following a survey by Hadlow College on both lakes, SOME of the carp have been moved to other waters, as the stock density was detrimental to all fish species in the lakes. Recent reports hace suggested that Shorne Country Park is fishing well.
The car park charges at Shorne Country Park put me off fishing!
The parking charges are set by KCC and the Society have no control over these charges. Purchasing an Annual Season Parking ticket can work out cheaper in the long run.
I have some issues with non-members and/or the general public at Shorne Country Park, what do I do about this?
Shorne Country Park is a public space open to all and they are allowed to access the lakes. Day ticket anglers are subject to the same rules as Society members. If you see any infringement or unacceptable behaviour from anyone contact one of the Bailiffs, the numbers are on the front of your membership card, or use the website.
What fish are in this lake?

In short, we are not sure! However, there are some reports of carp to around 10 to 15lb being caught as a well as some silver fish.

At the time of writing (March 2017) the Society arranged for some stocking which took place in January 2017, see the Campanile fishery page for more details.

Where do I park?

Parking is in the hotel car park in the marked bays only (i.e. between the white lines). You must register you vehicle with the hotel reception immediately upon arrival, and, if staying for longer that 24 hours, re-register your vehicle again, once every 24 hours. Failure to do this may incur a hefty fine, for which TWAPS is NOT responsible.

Can I use the hotel facilities?

The hotel facilities are available to you, but no dirty footwear please.

More Information
I have a question not listed here. Who do I contact to get an answer?
You can use the Contact page, ask a Society Bailiff or Committee member, or use one of the phone numbers on the front of your membership card.