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Match Report 25th June 2017

Match Report Orchard Farm 9th July 2017 Random Pairs/Points Match Today's match result from Orchard Farm Lake 6 and Random Pairs trophy. 15 anglers fished today's match on a very busy match lake with every peg taken which kept the weights down compared to this usually... read more

Match Report 25th June 2017

Match Report Grabriels Farm 25th June 2017 Points Match Today's match result Gabriels Farm Today's match result . 10 anglers fished Gabriel's farm and to say it was hard going would be an understatement with most people struggling for bites. I don't think we will be... read more

Match Report 4th June 2017

Match Report Marshside 4th June 2017 Points Match Today's match result Marshside Fishery Today was a bad bad day for the match fishing world as carp angler and occasional match angler Billy Hargreaves won his first ever twaps match. Those of you that know Billy will... read more

Match Report 28th May 2017

Match Report Orchard Farm 28th May 2017 Points Match Match result for Sunday's match at Orchard Farm silver fish lake. On what was quite a struggle for most of the 12 anglers who could only catch tiny roach the match was won by Charlie "Wing Commander" Rayner, the... read more

Match Report 14th May 2017

Match Report Claygate 14th May 2017 Points Match Match result for Claygate lake Eva on Sunday 14th May I was unable to attend this match due to being away sunning myself in Spain so thanks to Rupert and Charlie for doing the honours with the weighing in. By all... read more

Match Report 30th April 2017

Match Report Monk Lakes - Lake 4 30th April 2017 Memorial Trophy/Points Match Today's match results for the memorial trophy and points match. There was 10 anglers for the first match of the season at Monk Lakes number 4.It was a difficult match for most anglers today... read more

Cobham Survey Report

As a result of the fish survey at the top and bottom lakes at Cobham, the following species and weights were recorded…

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Action on Cormorants

Like many fisheries up and down the country, there have been sightings of cormorants on TWAPS waters…

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